Consumer electronics are the devices you use every day, from the TV in your living room to the MP3 player in your hand. Understanding your gadgets better will help you enjoy them more.

  • LEDs and Next-Generation Displays
    Already starting to crowd out incandescent lamps of all types in applications from traffic lights to theater marquees, LEDs are now poised to carve out a big chunk of the display industry.
  • The World in the Palm of your Hand
    One of the direct benefits of digital convergence is the amount of power that has now been concentrated into devices small enough for anyone to carry comfortably anywhere and use anytime.
  • Displaying Lies
    The display industry suffers from rampant "specmanship" that only performs a disservice to the industry and misleads the user.
  • The DVD Format War
    There's a lot of confusion about current DVD recording formats as well as what the next-generation DVD format will be.
  • Setting up your Home Theater
    Just having a big TV set isn't enough anymore, one has to have a sound system to match.
  • Buying a computer
    The good thing about buying a computer today is that no matter what you buy, you will wind up with something that will be able to perform the basic tasks that will enable you to function in the electronic world.
  • Feathering the Electronic Nest: Computer Peripherals and You
    Granted, a computer comes with a keyboard and mouse, but that is only the beginning.
  • Picture that!
    A guide to Video Technology
    Vision is one of our most prized senses, and a picture is the oldest form of recorded communication.
  • Troubleshooting Your Mobile Audio System
    No matter how good your equipment, if something is acting up in your car/van/SUV/wagonís audio system, you wind up hating the day you bought your stereo.
  • Once upon a time it was called car stereo
    There was a time when a vehicle entertainment system used to be called a car stereo. (They used to not even be stereo, but letís not go that far back.)
  • Through the Lens Digitally
    Everyone is talking about Digital Imaging Technology. Everywhere you look, digital still and video cameras are for sale, and all of your techie friends either have one or intend to get one.
  • The Lowdown on Sub-woofers
    If you take a moment to think about some of the better sound systems you have heard, you may remember that they all had great bass response.
  • The ABCís of Home Theater
    It seems that almost everyone has a Home Theater System (HTS), or at least thinks that they do. However, Home Theater is more than just having a loud big-screen TV set.
  • Let's talk about DVD!
    DVDs are coming into their own now. People are starting to recognize the benefits of having such high-quality picture and sound in their homes. But what is a DVD? How do they work?
  • Coming to a Living Room near You!
    Video display technology is rapidly advancing. The Holy Grail of a cheap, reliable Flat TV is being pursued by many companies, using multiple technologies.